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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Nicaragua Missions

We have supported the work in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua since 2004.  Yearly mission trips, prayer support, financial support to help Mt. Olive Baptist Church led by Pastor Leonard Coulson. Construction on a Christian school was began in 2003 to minister to the children in the market area.  The children were not being schooled or taught about God.  The work was began by teams from Florida and Georgia.  As time passed, the work was continued under the leadership of Bro. Harry and Janie Massey.  When Bro. Harry was unable to continue due to his health, Athena Baptist took the lead to finish the building project.  Bro. Harry went to be with the Lord in October, 2012. 
Since finishing the project Athena Baptist has been instrumental through the Lord continuing to support this work prayerfully and financially up to the present.  Much financial help has also come from other churches and individuals as God has led.  With the completion of the facility, Bro. Leonard has been able to devote his time in meeting the needs of the children in the community and going out into surrounding villages and preaching the Gospel, showing the "Jesus" film and being instrumental in expanding God's Kingdom. Please pray for Bro. Leonard, Mt. Olive Baptist Church and Mt. Olive Baptist School.
Pastor Leonard is always praying and looking for ways to help the people in Puerto Cabezas.  One way that he can show his love for the people is to help them cleanup the streets of their city.  To do this he began working on a project to recycle plastic. Click on this link to watch a video of Bro. Leonard giving a tour of the recycling machine he built from scratch.
For more information on this ministry you may contact me through email.  Please pray for the Gospel to be preached and children to recieve a Christian education so that Puerto Cabezas will be impacted by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.  If you would like to be a blessing and be blessed by helping in this ministry. you may send your tax deductable financial contribution to:
Athena Baptist Church
C/O Bro. David McMullen
10060 Josh Ezell Grade
Perry, Florida 32348
Some pictures of the graduating classes of 2014.  After enduring adversity, heartaches and troubles from all sides, the dream of the first senior graduating class has come to pass.  During the week of December 3rd, 2014 class of 2014 became a reality.  Congratulations to each and everyone of the students, faculty, administration and volunteers from the US for this milestone.  God is AWESOME! 


 Here is a short Powerpoint presentation about the work in Nicaragua.